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MJB-Eagle Feather Homes, Inc.
(Corporate Headquarters)
2812 NW Monterey Place
Corvallis, Oregon 97330-3436
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Corporate Toll Free Telephone
1-877-MJB-EAGLE (877-652-3245 )

Corporate Office Extension Listin gs

Ext 550 Bill Bennett-Pres/CEO
Ext 551 M. Bennett-Accounting Secy/Trea
Ext 552 S. Flom-Finance Dept.
Ext 553 Construction Consultants
Ext 554 Angels Camp, CA-L.Aguilera
Ext 555 Corvallis, OR - R. Dammarell
Ext 556 Boston, MA-B.Gersh
Ext 557 Lakeland, FL-D.Williams
Ext 558 Green Bay, WI-M.Herrick
Ext 559 Newport, OR-J.Wilson
Ext 560 Northridge, CA (office available)
Ext 561 Oklahoma City-P.Abbott
Ext 562 Victorville, CA-M. Tomlin
Ext 563 Pittsburgh-R.J. Landgraf
Ext 564 (Presidents Celular Phone)
Ext 565 Westwood, CA (office available)
Ext 566 MJB-Tri-Alpha Limo Serv.
Ext 567 Southbay, CA-B. Takeuchi
Ext 569 Associate Recruitment Info.
Ext 572 Santa Barbara, CA - Bill Bliss


MJB Group of Companies
"Eagle Feather Homes"
[D & B Certified Corporation]
WE INVITE YOU TO TOUR OUR PLANT FACILITIES - Call Us Today 1-877-652-3245 ext 551
Woodinville, Washington - Conventional Residential or Commercial construction packages
Burlington, Washington - Truss Manufacturing (Roof & Floor Truss Facility)
Payette, Idaho - Log Home Construction Packages